Feature Essays

Driving Miss Patience May 2003

When everything goes wrong with your ill parent [7,600 words]

Expedition Behavior February 2000

An outdoor educator's foray into the world of youth-at-risk wilderness programs [12,000 words]

Essays on the Outdoors

Backcountry Travel 
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Memoirs of a Permit Applicant May 1999

Will wilderness business learn from wilderness travel? [1500 words]

Embrace Tiger, Return To Mountain February 1989

Tai Chi as an ever-available link to the outdoor world [7600 words]

Outdoor Education 
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You Are Professional, So Stop Acting That Way May 2001

Should outdoor adventure guiding be recognized as a "profession?" [2500 words]

Getting An "A" In Adventure June 1999

The perils of overuse of the school metaphor in "outdoor education" [4500 words]

Wilderness and The Adjacency Mathematics of Bathroom Tiles February 1993

A fanciful journey in the equations of risk management. [900 words]

Coyote Goes To NOLS October 1991

A humbling experience for the legendary trickster. [600 words]

General Topics

The Toaster Warrantee Guarantor March 2001

Some people are just harder on appliances than others [1000 words]

Learning To Think Like A Canadian March 2000

Reflections on testing for citizenship [800 words]

Having A Kid September 1999

Looking back at eight months [1450 words]

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