Data layer: Oregon Country polygon

A few caveats before we get to the download links:

  • One commonly sees 54 40' north used as the northern limit of Oregon Country, However, this was a specifically American perspective, resulting from the 1824 treaty with Russia in which the U.S. agreed to make no establishments on the coast north of 54 40'. To the British this line had no meaning. We felt it was more accurate to set a northern limit to the Oregon Country based on that of the Hudson Bay Company's New Caledonia district. As a result, Oregon Country in this data set extends north to the Nass and Finlay Rivers.
  • This layer includes all of the islands off the coast of Oregon Country. If you need a polygon for the mainland only it should be a simple matter to select the single mainland polygon and delete the rest.
  • The projection of the layer is geographic (lat/long), datum WGS84.
  • The layer was made for display at 1:8,000,000, and is really valid for display only at scales smaller than 1:500,000. Zoom in further than that (to say 1:100,000 or 1:50,000), and it will not be accurate! (In Google Earth, a rough equivalent to 1:500,000 is an eye altitude of 150 km.)
  • This data is realeased under a Creative Commons 3.0 unported license

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