These are letter-sized trail maps I have made of a few trails in the Bulkley Valley (and beyond). You are welcome to download, print and use them. Each includes a trail description. Some were originally published in Northword Magazine.

Note: this page of maps is no longer being updated.

Instead, you can browse a more up-to-date list through my interactive map.

Ptarmigan Mountain  (2018)
Mount Hays  (2017)
Skip Mountain  (2017)
Station Creek (2017)
Xsan (2017)
Blue Geranium (2017)
Story Lookout (2016)
McDonell Lake Trail (2016)
Opal Ridge Trail (2016)
Suskwa River Wire Bridge (2016)
Silverking Basin Winter (2015)
Hankin Lookout (2015)
Seaton Ridge Trail (2015)
Moonlight Mountain (2015)
Northeast Slope Trails (south sheet, updated spring 2015)
Northeast Slope Trails (north sheet, updated spring 2015)

Trails of the Smithers Community Forest (North) (2015)

Tyee Mountain Ski Trails (December 2014)
Skilokis Ridge (August 2014)
Nadina Mountain (June 2014)
Canyon Creek Ski Trails (Dec 2013)
Juniper Creek and the Red Rose Mine
Northeast Slope Trails (two pages, updated Spring 2013)
Historical Names of Babine Mountains Park
Ganokwa Canyon
Barrett Hat
Silvern Lakes
China Nose
Robinson Ridge (Kitimat)
Moose Mountain/Quick Hills
Blue Lakes trail thumbnail

Blue Lake Trail

Elliot Creek trail map thumbnail

Elliot Creek Trail

Hudson Bay Mtn map thumbnail

Hudson Bay Mountain South Peak

Hudson Bay Mtn map thumbnail

Old Simpson Gulch Road

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