Mt. Edziza Provincial Park
Topographic Hiking Maps

My first edition of topographic hiking maps for Mt. Edziza Provincial Park is out.

These maps are at 1:35,000 scale, and are printed on waterproof, tearproof paper. Each sheet is 11" x 17".

The inspiration of these maps was the difficulty that hikers have obtaining topographic maps for the park. One choice is the 1:50,000 NTS sheets (e.g., 104G07), but these are, for the most part, the provisional black-and-white editions that have no shaded relief and have not been updated for decades. Another choice is the 1:20,000 TRIM maps which can be downloaded free of charge from the BC government, but they call for large sheets of paper and the cost of printing them for the entire park is in the hundreds of dollars.

The innovation here is the idea that hikers' maps can be on small pieces of paper. That is, by printing them on 11x17 paper, printing costs can be kept low. There is the accompanying convenience of making the maps easy to fold, store and carry.

Twenty-eight maps cover the full park from Arctic Lake to Buckley Lake, as shown below.

These are currently available in Smithers at
  • Interior Stationary and Books
  • Outdoor Essentials.

The full atlas (all 28 maps shown above) is $79. You can also buy half sets:
  • Edziza NORTH (Buckley Lake to Mowdade Lake, maps in rows 2 through 7) for $49
  • Edziza SOUTH (Mowdade Lake to Arctic Lake, maps in rows 8 through 12) for $39

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